7 Tips To Help Kids Overcome Their Fear Of Dentists


It’s natural for kids to be scared of the dentist, but it doesn’t have to be that way! These 7 tips can help your child overcome their fear and get used to visiting the dentist.

From making it fun to talking about the process, these easy-to-follow tips will make a huge difference in your child’s dental health.

The first step is understanding why kids are so scared of going to the dentist. It could be because they don’t understand what’s happening or they may feel uncomfortable with someone else being so close.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to recognize and address their fears in order to help them overcome them. With these 7 tips, you’ll have no problem helping your child become comfortable with going to the dentist and taking care of their teeth!

Talk About the Dental Process

Get a head start on conquering your dental anxiety by learning about the steps of the dental process! Knowing what to expect can help you feel less overwhelmed when visiting the dentist.

Start by having a conversation with your parent or guardian and ask them to provide positive reinforcement about how well you managed any past visits. Positive reinforcement helps normalize visits and lets you know that it’s okay to be nervous.

Additionally, talk to your dentist and ask questions about their office policies, procedures, and protocols. Learning more about each step of the appointment will further reduce your apprehensions.

By understanding what happens during a typical appointment, you can begin preparing for upcoming visits in advance. This may include bringing along a comfort item such as a favorite toy or piece of music to listen to throughout the visit.

Talking openly about going to the dentist is another great way for kids to overcome their fear of dentists!

Visit the Dentist’s Office

Visiting the dentist’s office can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! Take a deep breath and remember that you’re in good hands.

Before taking your child to their first appointment, take some time to explain the basics of dental hygiene and how the visit will go. This can help them feel more relaxed when they arrive. Consider using relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or visualization exercises before and during the appointment.

Letting your child know what to expect can also help ease their anxiety by providing a sense of control over the situation. During your visit, try to focus on positivity. Talk about how exciting it is for them to take care of their teeth, how brave they are being, or even how much fun they’ll have visiting again next time—all while emphasizing proper dental hygiene practices of course!

Doing this helps create an environment where your child feels safe and at ease. Remember that if at any point your child becomes overwhelmed or uncomfortable during their dental visit, it’s okay to pause or stop altogether for a break until they’re feeling better prepared to continue with the appointment.

Make It Fun

Making a visit to the dentist’s office can be exciting and fun! Let your imagination run wild as you explore all that the office has to offer and make it an adventure.

Engage with games and activities in the waiting area to help pass time and reassure any fears. Ask questions that you may have about what’s going on during a dental visit, such as why they’re using certain tools or what kind of toothbrush works best for healthy gums and teeth.

Look around at the décor in the office, read books or magazines, or even try some of the instruments if allowed. All of these things can help make a visit more enjoyable for kids who are scared of dentists.

Try encouraging positive thinking by making up stories about how fun it is to go get checked out like superheroes do when they need repairs from battle wounds! Explain that just like those heroes, your child will also come out feeling better after their appointment.

Make sure to give lots of praise when they get brave enough to face their fear—it’ll be worth it in the long run! Remind them that dentists are there to help protect their oral hygiene and overall health—not just punish them for not taking good care of their teeth.

With these tips, hopefully your child’s fear of dentists will soon be a thing of the past!


You can help your child overcome their fear of the dentist. Start by talking to them about the dental process and what they should expect when they visit.

Take a trip to the dentist’s office before their appointment so that they can get used to the surroundings. And, most importantly, make it fun! Let them pick out a new toothbrush or try out different flavors of toothpaste – anything to make it more enjoyable for them.

By following these tips, you’ll be sure to give your child the tools and confidence needed for a successful dental visit every time!